"I want to make beautiful things. In a never-ending quest, while it is not always clear what I am seeking, I usually find places, locations or objects that inspire me to use them in my work.


In the proces of making, I search for images that are powerful enough to survive in your thoughts. To realize this, I make use of a visual language that is derived from our art history, the world around us and the media. Symbols, rituals, aesthetics and universal beauty play an important role.


With these elements I create moving pictures or a moment frozen in space and time. In doing so, I make use of everything that exists between photography and video (such as stop-motion, pixilation and time-lapse techniques). I create a framework by exerting influence on the setting, the course of time and the light. Within that framework, I play with parallels between the surface of reality and our inner essence.


Frequently recurring picture elements in my photos, videos and installations include transience, reconciliation, circle shapes and light. In addition, sound is an essential component in the experience of my work."


* Text from booklet "Superficiality", written by © E.K. Grootoonk