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20:07:12 – 15:09:12

Exhibition “Living & Being" in Beijing


The movie “Lights in the North” will be shown in the beautiful museum of the Song Zhuang Art Center in Bejing(CN) during the group show of Dutch and Chinese contemporary artists.

More info: Song Zhuang Art Center & Architecture

Location: Xiao Pu village -Song Zhuang Town

Tong Zhou District, Beijing - China

27:07:12 – 09:08:12

Exhibition “2nd Presentation: New Borrowed Treasures 2012”

This year CBK Groningen will present, with SBK Amsterdam for the 9th time "the New Borrowed Treasures" in the Der Aa church in Groningen: 3 presentations of each 2 weeks with work from 33 artists. Almost all the work you can borrow or buy through the Art Libraries of CBK Groningen and SBK Amsterdam. My work will be shown in the second presentation round in the Media cabinet.

More info


Location: Der Aa-kerk

Akerkhof 2, Groningen

Opening hours: Tue / Sat 10.00 - 17.00 - Sunday and Monday 13.00 - 17.00

Free admission

22:06:12 – 15:07:12

Exhibition “Air”


Art Biennale, curated by Wim van der Beek with the theme “Air”. the visual presentation of current income art are at four locations in the center, the Cultural Center, the Great Church, Westerhuis (former town) and the empty Industrial Premises (2 + factories house and shop / window) of Baltes. My work will be shown at the Cultural center. 

More info

Location: Culturele Center

Schoolstraat 6a


Free admission

16:01:12 - 27:01:12

Solo Exhibition "Aanschouw de Stilte"


Monday the 16th of January at 16:00 the presentation of the George Verberg Scholarship 2010 will be officially opened. Matthijs Herder and I, are very proud to present an amazing film which we have been working on the past few months. A modern fairytale concerning the Northern lights.

More info


Location: Academie Minerva - Old Nature Museum

Praediniussingel 59, Groningen

Opening hours: Monday / Friday 09.00 - 21.00

Free admission

06.11.11 - 16.01.12

Current project "Lights in the North"


Back in The Netherlands after an incredible journey above the Arctic Circle in the beautiful surroundings of Lapland. The upcoming time we will be wrapping up the research and film project "Lights in the North".

It is so exciting to see everything come together. 


More info can be found on our Blog.